Europe, and especially Italy calling? Set off with Nord Caravan!

Europe, and especially Italy calling? Nord Caravan has the perfect solution for you, with discounts for the whole of June.

Are you planning a holiday in Europe? Or better yet in sunny Italy?

Here at Nord Caravan we’ve come up with an unbeatable deal for you travellers: a discount of 8% on camper or camper-van rentals for the whole of June!

Set off on a voyage of discovery with this once in lifetime offer.

Travelling by camper means being free and offers an infinite range of advantages:

- arrive and depart when you want;

- stop over in unknown, yet fascinating places;

- get to know other travellers, the places you visit and untouched nature;

- it’s an adventure, no step-by-step planning needed… you can follow your instincts;

- save! You can buy local delicacies and prepare them in the traditional way in our campers’ fully equipped kitchens… spending LESS THAN IN A HOTEL!!!     


All our campers and camper-vans are top-quality, reliable and low-consumption.


Find your camper on our rentals page:


Offer valid for bookings within 7 May 2018.


Do not hesitate in contacting us for further information, quotes and travel advice.




Services not included but available on request


- Shuttle service

-Bedding, Kitchen kit and Cleaning kit


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